Diary of an Abandoned Abandoner.

When adoptees surrender.

Adoption vs Abortion. WTF? March 11, 2009

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As some people will know I spend a very unhealthy amount of time bickering with ignorant morons over at Yahoo! Answers in the adoption section. Thanks to this little gem of a website I have been able to meet some amazing adoptees, natural parents and adoptive parents. Unfortunately I have also met some people who make me want to bore my eyes out of my skull with red hot pokers.

A favorite topic there is the abortion vs adoption debate. It is tired and old and brought up again and again, not only by people who aren’t active in that area but also by people who have read the same responses week after week on the topic. The anti-choice group seems to consist of two factions, the Jesus freaks who sit on their pedestal of bibles quoting biblical law and the desperate and often infertile who just wanna get their hands on a baby of their very own. Now the religious zealots I can tolerate, I mean they are only standing up for what they have been taught. Sheep will always follow the heard without question. I can’t fault someone for not having the nerve to follow their own drum, not my place. I can, however, fault the desperate to get a baby types. They sit there judging, judging, judging. Judging the natural mothers who have lost children and aren’t happy about it, welcome to the wonderful world of first you are a saint and then you are a whore. They judge the adoptees who speak their own personal truth, cuz ya know it’s not possible their own little adoptlings could ever have any issues with adoption since they are the best thing to hit the parenting world since Dr-freaking-Spock and they judge anyone who dares say abortion is what they would choose if faced with a crisis pregnancy. They all but scream through their keyboards and our monitors; “IF I CAN’T HAVE A BABY YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TAKE ONE OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!”.  Uh… ‘scuse me? YES, yes I do have that right. My government gave me that right many years ago, tyvm. It is not MY job to procreate to save the sanity of infertile women who are batshit crazy over having a baby.

I’m just sick to death of people asking what MY choice would be then berating me for what I would choose. Hey honey? Your fertility issues and wanton baby lust is not my concern. I am not your brood mare or bitch in heat. You sit there claiming it is about the “children”, about saving a “child’s” life and preventing an unnecessary death, get over yourself already. It is about you. Your wants, your needs, your dreams and your entitled attitude about children. “Oh it’s so unfair!” they all but scream, “All these little whores just spread their legs and out pops a baby but I try and try and can’t have one. Gimme yours, little whore!”. Again not my job, not anyone’s job. Get a pocket dog, a capuchin monkey, a guinea pig, a reborn doll, anything! Just stop telling everyone else what they can and can not do with their own bodies because their bodies can do something yours can’t. My body can’t eat, do you see me slamming you for cramming a twinkie in your face? Yeah, get over yourself already and stay the hell out of my womb!

End rant.


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