Diary of an Abandoned Abandoner.

When adoptees surrender.

Tonight I will post whatever random crap my head thinks up. July 20, 2010

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All on this post. Every funny, stupid, smart, sad, happy, whatever thing that seems worthy I will throw onto this post.

Why? Because I’m bored, a wee bit lonely and kinda pissy. Usually that combined with some “good time stuff” causes my brain to overdrive and the shit I say can be pretty priceless.

I’ll also post times so you can watch the sorry decline of my mental facilities.


9:39 PM – Little kids suck at times. Last week The Little Girl woke me up at 6:30 am saying she was hungry. I told her to watch one show so I could hit snooze once or twice. She promptly stage whispered into my ear “Get me something to eat you frikken a$$hole.” I never say frikken. Why the hell say frikken when the real word is so much more fun. Her dad later told me she must have picked it up from him. So not only did he teach my kid to swear he taught her how to sound like a loser while doing it. Frikken awesome.

9:55 PM – Four Square disturbs me, and not because I can totally see that male ballet dancer’s wanger. It disturbs me because it is telling my kid to try glueing parts of her body together and she is a bit too interested in my hot glue gun.

9:59 PM –  I just glued my finger to my cheek with nail glue. The Four Square thing reminded me that I had a necklace that needed fixing. It’s still broken.

10:13 PM –  Go make yourself a peanut butter and banana sandwich but use peanut butter, banana and caramel popcorn topping, don’t forget the mini M&M candies. Excuse me while I go tear around the house like a kitten at 3am.

10:27 PM – On the bus a few days ago coming back from buying a bunch of useless crap at XS Cargo. I sit down, the bus moves and all of a sudden one of those plastic advertisements stuck to the top of the wall comes shooting down and tries to blind me!!!! It falls to the floor and I realize someone could slip on it. Of course I pick it up to take to the driver, someone else could slip on it! I look down at it and who is it an ad for???? I could have cried laughing.

Just for fun can you all tell me what ad comes up on the side of this? I’m very curious about what my blog is pimping.

10:47 PM – Well this is interesting! Why do companies conduct market surveys? Oh yeah, to find out how to get more money. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2LHH8C6

10:52 PM – I went for a bike ride today. Grabbed a prescription, got some milk, talked to an acupuncturist about quitting smoking, drank nasty Starbucks iced coffee and saw a cute widdle bunny wunny, smooshed on the road. Other than the dead bunny I had a nice time alone with my thoughts.

10:58 PM – My hair is purple. I’m not sure if I like it. Odd. Last year my hair was red and black, the year before platinum and pink. I really wish I was going to Louisville. Go get ’em fabulous bastard buddies!

11:12 PM – I miss someone. Booo.

11;20 PM – I just scared myself half to death. Put popcorn in the microwave and then thought the popping noise was someone at my door.

11:28 PM -Bed! I love getting into bed if the room is a bit chilly. Brrrrr.

12:00 PM –  Yawn, maybe.


2 Responses to “Tonight I will post whatever random crap my head thinks up.”

  1. Sid Estay Says:

    Sweet. I love you, Andraya!

  2. abandonedabandoner Says:

    Right back atcha!

    p.s. Please keep posting work pics of yourself on FB. Yer so purty all dirty lol.

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