Diary of an Abandoned Abandoner.

When adoptees surrender.

MY blog, MY space. December 19, 2010

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When I wan’t your opinion I’ll tell you what it is.

I do not talk about my children here. This is not the place. I will however state this


If people choose to ignore your children so be it. I think we have all seen the abuse some people can hand out then justify but I am not one of those people. My children will always be able to come to me and be given support, true affection and unconditional love. I will always be their biggest advocate, their cheerleader and their mentor. This is my job. I don’t spit out children to keep men around, get a bigger pay-out or control people. Each of my children was born of love. Not of the love that controls or the love that binds a couple together but the love of the child, each of them loved differently but in equal amounts. I conciously decided to bring them into this world and in doing so I signed a contract with myself to always be what they need.

My youngest bean has had a horrid experience with a daycare that resulted in numerous problems. Oddly now that she has been out of the daycare for three weeks all of the issues have disappeared. Hmm… how strange also that a SOCIAL WORKER has told me horror stories about this same daycare, including but not limited to an infant coming home with scratch marks all over him. Now how does an infant get scratched all over at a daycare??? All he is able to do is roll over and hold his head up during tummy time but surely this must be a lie. After all I raise liars.


Heads up Edmonton parents. Ideal Daycare in Mill Woods is a sham. Abusive behaviour is rampant, children are not taken care of properly. I’ve personally seen toddlers locked in the washroom alone for time out. My own child has told me she was put in a room with no lights for time outs. I have seen the room she told me of, it is little more than a closet and would be terrifying to be locked in as a child. Find another daycare, ANY other daycare.


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