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Troll or stalker? December 23, 2010

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Creepy creepers creeping give me the creeps.

When does a troll become a stalker? When they spend countless hours refreshing your blog hoping to catch a new post! I suppose I could just password protect the whole blog and email all of you the password but where is the fun in that? After all it is the Holly Days and in the spirit of giving I will give and give and give by posting up all the holiday cheer I can muster. Right after this important PSA.

Blog Stalk

To blog stalk is to religiously check a blog for any new content, usually multiple times per day.

“I have a new blog stalker.”
“Paul blog stalked me this weekend.”
“My blog’s not that great, but people blog stalk me anyway.”

Definition courtesy of www.blogossary.com

Why Do They Stalk? http://www.lilaclane.com/being-stalked/index.html

The stalker’s goal is to

1. Regain the relationship
2.  Regain control
3.  Get revenge in some way

Some people bolster their self-esteem by dominating, intimidating, possessing, or manipulating partners. Controlling or affecting a partner gives them some feelings of power or uniqueness in a world where they generally feel powerless or unimportant.  This kind of person, after becoming an “ex”, sometimes becomes a stalker to try to continue fulfilling these inappropriate psychological needs.

In cases of revenge stalking, the stalker believes they were “wronged” in some way and they cannot “grow up” and move on with their lives.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Lack of power, immaturity, low self esteem and a need to dominate. Yup, that sums it up quite nicely.


2 Responses to “Troll or stalker?”

  1. Linda Says:

    I have a few myself. I am just not that interesting.

    • abandonedabandoner Says:

      You are one of the most stalker worthy people I know! I know this because I can see you scratching your back with a candy cane as I type.

      Don’t look out the window, I’m invisible 😛

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