Diary of an Abandoned Abandoner.

When adoptees surrender.

Happy Day! September 27, 2011

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Today has nothing to do with either “A”. Today is silly, fun, accepting, thankful and positive. I’m going to make a list of things that are rather pointless, because that’s what I want to do darnit.

1) Dollarama has flower bulbs! In the spring of ’12 I will have beauty without any work all for 10 bucks. WOO!

2) Dollarama has Nestle Quick Strawberry Milk juice boxes, packs of three for a buck! As a penny pinching single mom student this almost had me jumping up and down in the cramped aisle.

3) I made a really pretty collage of creepy children’s paintings for the top of the stairs. So glad I bought that $30 printer, even more glad that Walmart sells dirt cheap ink refill kits.

4) I felt pretty today… When I looked at some pictures of myself. I looked healthy and happy in them. I will be that person again and it won’t take as long as I think.

5) It’s sunny and there are puffy clouds in the sky. I want to gather dandelions going to seed and blow on them while laying on my back in a field so I can watch them dance. Just not near my perfect effing lawn.

6) My perfect effing lawn is pretty much the last around that is super green. I have lawn pride.

7) I have a huge zit on my cheek but at least it’s not a gaping herpes blister on my chin. FB pals will get that 😉

8) I scored a kit to make glow in the dark sidewalk chalk at Superstore for $1.94. With the sun setting earlier but the weather still nice I think P and I will have some bonding time tonight before bed.

9) Got my meds. Looking forward to after the loading time. Also looking forward to sleeping a full night. Sleep makes me happy.

10) My balance with the natural forces are WAY off, my poor potted tree is trying to die. I need to cleanse and I think tonight will be good for that.

11) I’m feeling spiritual as you can tell from #10. I love when the universe leads me back to things I need but have forgotten how much I need them.

12) I feel LOVE today. Love for everything and everyone, including myself.

Today feels good.


One Response to “Happy Day!”

  1. rostumetru Says:

    Yes, cool good luck

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